Starting as we mean to go on

All information relating to the development and ongoing set up of the Company is available for you to review.


Feasibility Report

This is where the idea for the BID began.

Back in 2015 the Welcome to Yorkshire Coast Tourism Advisory Board commissioned a review of the area to see what type of Business Improvement District would best benefit the Yorkshire Coast. The aim was to protect and promote the area as a whole.  This valuable piece of research was used as the foundation on which the consultation throughout 2018 was based.

Official Business Plan

This Business Plan (PDF download) outlines everything from the BID basics, the associated financials through to the projects which have been identified following the extensive consultation that took place with local businesses in the Yorkshire Coast area throughout 2018.

The BID Team has only one key objective, to deliver what you voted on and to help the Yorkshire Coast to become the foremost UK tourist destination.

Ballot Declaration

Businesses were asked to vote on whether they wanted the BID to become a legal entity.  

The majority of businesses voted YES and the declaration was announced on 30 November 2018.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association (PDF download) outline the governance of the Board of Directors and the Company to ensure that at all times they act in the best interest of Yorkshire Coast businesses when delivering the Business Plan.

The existing Task Group, with suitable legal advice, have drafted the Articles of Association. As a result, the BID company will operate as a not for profit business,  limited by guarantee. 

Member Application Form

The legal bit!

For BID businesses to access information relating to the financial operations, vote on key company matters and to be able to self nominate for a Board position, Companies House regulations require that they must become a member of the BID Company. Don’t worry, there is no additional cost, but it will enable you to play an active role in the development of the Yorkshire Coast BID’s projects over the course of the 5 years. Please download the Application Form (PDF download).

Director Rules and Responsibilities

To ensure that the Board of Directors act in the best interest of levy paying businesses whilst delivering the BID Business Plan, rules and responsibilities have been created.

If you are interested in joining the BID Board, please take the time to review the document prior to submitting your application.


Director Application Form

Applications are now open until 31, May 2019.

All levy paying businesses who have completed their Member Application Form are entitled to nominate themselves to join the BID Board.  You can download an application form (PDF Download) and send back to the BID Team, or you can complete online

If multiple applications are received for a specific position, after vetting, BID Members will be asked to vote.  The Board of Directors will be appointed July 2019.